Ruth McGhie

Actors biography:

Ruth is a Scottish actress from Glasgow. Ruth’s career started in the late 50/s with radio broadcasts and a TV drama. Spindrift was broadcasted live.It was thrilling.

Marriage, children and teaching put her acting on hold. To return to the profession she had an audition with Colin Gilbert of head The Comedy Unit with a piece she had written. He cast her in Bad Boys with Karl Howman and Alex Norton.

Ruth’s first theatre role was with Rideout Theatre Company which toured the Scottish Borders. During this time she attended workshops run by Andrew Byatt and on one memorable time by Mickey Rooney.
From recreating real life stories in episodes of 999 Lifesavers to touring with productions by Dundee Rep and The Tron Theatre.

Although enjoying theatre her preference is and will always will be television and Ruth has made around twenty appearances throughout her acting career.

Those include Still Game, Scot Squad. Gary Tank Commander, Grandpa’s Great Escape, MI High. Donovan Quick, Sea of Souls, Rab C Nesbitt, Velvet Soup and many many others

She enjoys playing crabbit and senile old biddies as well as cheeky and embarrassing ones. Ruth is far from throwing in the towel, she is vibrant, dedicated top her coat and nothing can stop her.

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