It is my delight to welcome you to Victoria Steven Management and continue to share the love for Film, TV, Theatre, Commercial Music Video, Corporate Events, TIE, and everything in between.

I would like to introduce myself, I’m Victoria Steven, I have been an agent for nearly 10years where I started out as an extras agent but the last years 8 I have been representing professional actors as there was a growing need in Scotland especially for principle agents/managers and now I represent actors all over the UK and Europe.

At Victoria Steven Management we work alongside Professional Actors, Casting Directors, and Production Companies, Spotlight, Equity, Workshop and Masterclasses all over UK and Ireland, USA. There is no limit to where #TeamVS can work and travel.

My passion comes from supporting my actors individually and as a Team on their journey and career. I have developed a fantastic relationship with Casting officials over the years and what a year 2022 is going to be with fantastic announcements coming soon. I believe that the industry needs to work together as a team and not singular.

*** Based in Scotland, my dedication and enthusiasm is the same as that of a London agent. My team have auditions and film across the UK yes everywhere. With today’s technology anything is possible.***

It is an exciting time to be an actor and talent agent, so lets make it work and bring the real focus into attaining those auditions and getting a home run. Remember it starts with you the actor so bring the right material (2023 headshots, Spotlight CV and Showreel and a Cover Letter of why you want to join my agency) to the table.
How have you packaged yourself and are you prepared for the journey ahead?

Thank you to all who has followed #TeamVS on Twitter @v_s_management and Instagram @v_s_management where you can keep up to date with #TeamVS ongoings and adventures.

Discover #TeamVS:
At VSManagement we introduce you to each actor and discover what they can offer to your production; find out a little bit more about why they want to act and share their talent. Each actor is very different to the other. I have personally worked closely with all of my actors for several years and have gained a great working relationship with my crew and delighted to welcome new talent to the agency along the way.

When I work with you, I am not here to just get work for you and apply for auditions, it is quite the opposite. I want to understand and help you be the best you can be, whilst growing and sculpting your dream into a reality. Being an actor is about having patience, hard work and have creative thinking. Being your agent is not only about commitment to you as an actor, but encouraging you to strive to find the best of everything you have and displaying that for all to see..

When you’re feeling down and low, let’s get you ‘back on the horse’, because that’s where you belong. I am enthusiastic because I love my work; I love to see you shine and to utilise our relationship to its maximum potential, I believe we both have to be on the ball at all the times, dedicated to go anywhere and everywhere together. Do not be afraid to contact your agent.

My philosophy: ‘I want to work with quality not quantity. You are a real person with real wants and dreams AND not just a name and another number. My job is to support you in your journey, whist discovering your best qualities and attributes, and what you are truly skilled at as we submit you for fantastic jobs in the film industry’.

If you are interested in joining my team please see JOINING page.


**If you are interested in casting my actors in your production please see #TeamVS to view their Spotlight CV and my contact email is victoria@victoriasteven.co.uk**

There are no hidden join up fee’s. We work on commission only. Commission rates will be discussed if selected for an interview.

I look forward to hearing from you.