Some nice things our actors have said about VS Management…

"During my time being represented by Victoria, she was very supportive and helped to push my career forwards for which I'm very grateful. Her hard work, desire to succeed and commitment to her actors is second to none and I wish her every success moving forwards!
I just want to say thank you for representing me and helping me to build my career, I really appreciate all the help you've given me, the jobs I've been submitted for and the jobs I've booked."


"I want to thank Victoria for everything she did for me. She helped give me direction, stability in my efforts to build my career. Put me on the path with focus and drive. For five years together we grew. I will always be thankful for her extremely hard work and unwavering support."


"Victoria has been a very dedicated and hard-working agent for me and I love her dearly. We get along very well and she put me up for some corking jobs.. And while I did manage to get some self-tapes and auditions, I never quite managed to land those roles. For whatever reason, I just never got there. Victoria sought to get feedback and would pass it along when she did. Victoria also supported me emotionally during the pandemic and gave me golden nuggets of practical help. It's not unusual for agents & clients to part, sometimes it's for artistic growth, sometimes something happens & a feud erupts, and sometimes the jobs are just not there. We decided I need a fresh perspective. I will always be grateful to Victoria for all she did for me & while we are no longer working as a team, I will always be in her corner as she has been in mine"

Kelley Costigan (2023)

"I felt like part of a team as soon as I signed with Victoria. In only a few weeks we had upped my self-taping skills. For the first time I felt good about the audition tapes I was sending out. She encouraged me to think outside the box and not to just go for the regular backdrop and camera set up. Her encouragement led to two auditions for a single Netflix Film. Although I didn’t land the part, the confidence in my abilities has increased a lot. Since being with Victoria I have worked on The Polar Express Train Ride in 2021 and 2022. A fantastic family show written and directed by two of the most wonderful and giving people I’ve worked with, Paul Goldsmith and Katherine Vince. Victoria made it clear that she has an open line of contact with her. She encourages you to speak to her if any issues arise, if you need to time out or if you just need some simple advice. I had never had that before. I have loved being a part of the Victoria Steven team. Thank you for teaching me to smile in my idents as well. A smile goes a long way. "

Danny Shooter (2023)

“Victoria is a wonderful person, and a lovely agent to boot - she’s supported me wholeheartedly in my career, and we’ve worked together on some amazing things. She’s always approachable if you need help, keeps in regular contact, and always takes the time to get to know you, so that you can strive forward, together!”

Richard Stranks (2023)

"I can honestly say hand on heart that Victoria is without doubt the Best Agent I have ever worked with. Victoria gives more than 100 %, her dedication knows no bounds, she is always approachable and really wants your very best. I have completely changed my game since knowing Victora and feel my world has opened up for the better. Victoria is very honest which is a blessing so you truly know she has your back. Anybody who becomes part of TEAM VS is very lucky indeed to join this amazing TEAM."

Denise Orita (2022)

"I’ve worked with Victoria for 2 years and the doors that have opened for me has been amazing! She’s passionate, committed and her drive as an agent is what I love the most. We work as a team and she’s always been there for me- every step of the way. She always goes the extra mile for you which I appreciate every time."

Cindy Awor (2022)

"Victoria really goes above & beyond as an agent. She works hard at pushing your career on the tracks you want it to. I felt I gained a friend and never doubted the level of work she put in for me. The submissions were exactly in line with what I wanted. I loved my time with Victoria I felt mentored, secure & confident whilst with her."

Pamela Mayos (2021)

"Victoria is a great person and a very attentive agent. She always has time to talk or respond to questions, and will collaborate with you to get you auditions according to your casting type. You never feel like just a number with Victoria, and she will get you in the room for some amazing roles. It’s been a pleasure working with her."

Marion Githegi (2021)

“The thing that impresses me most about working with Victoria is her work ethic and commitment to working as a team. Her support, commitment and drive for all of Team VS is unwavering and I am sure her dedication is second to none. I began working with her during the pandemic and throughout we have worked together to take the steer in the right direction, aim for the goals we set and work on achieving them. I am glad that I have Victoria at my back supporting me, challenging me and helping me get to where I want to be as an Actor. We all work together as a team, learn together as a team and succeed as a team. I am sure that is all down to Victoria."

Arron Greechan (2021)

"I am really impressed with Victoria’s work ethic, I haven’t been with her for long but she has been incredibly supportive and instrumental in helping me craft a career I’m proud of. She has an ability to see what your unique talents are that can separate you from the competition (along with your acting skills) in order to build and grow your career. I wholeheartedly recommend her as an agent who is a friend,mentor and a reassuring presence, regardless if one is having an up or down kind of day!"

Pasha Munir (2021)

"Working as a team is a huge part of Victoria’s Ethos. I can go to her with any queries and concerns, and we sort them out together. Through Victoria I have gained knowledge about self-taping and in person auditions that I didn’t have before. She has highlighted habits that have hindered me in the past and I have seen an immense improvement in myself since. She is great at directing me when I am unsure, giving me the extra push that I need to go the extra mile with my auditions so that I am giving them everything I have. Since I signed with Victoria in Feb, we have landed our first performing Job of the year (2021). I am thrilled to be able to perform again after a tough few months. My confidence has grown a lot this year, thanks to Victoria and the work we have done together. I am looking forward to continuing the hard work and seeing where it takes us next year"

Danny Shooter (2021)

"I signed with VS Management two years, in a time where I was struggling to see a way back into acting after a few years away. Victoria took a chance with me and it’s safe to say we haven’t looked back. I’m constantly evolving and learning as an actor and she is with me every step of the way. As an actor it is easy to be pigeon holed in certain roles but Victoria makes sure that you get opportunity to explore all types of jobs. She cares about her actors, and is emotionally invested in their lives. Team VS is not just an agency…it really is a Team."

Andrew Douglas (2021)

"Victoria is actually interested in me, and my dreams and plans. I love how approachable she is and that her feedback is honest and open. Since partnering with Victoria I've felt much more confident in my abilities."

Linda Lyon (2021)

"I’ve been represented by Victoria for 2 years. Victoria is not just a fantastic agent, she is an amazing human being that dedicates herself to getting clients the exposure they need for their acting career. Victoria is a good observer that sees potential within ourselves that we are unlikely to see are self, and when the chips are down Victoria will give you a firm talking too to get you back up and focus on your dream. So for me, she was more than just an agent, she is a friend that motivated me to be better than yesterday. "

Marlon Roberts (2021)

"I’ve been represented by and working with Victoria for 3 years and soon to head into my fourth.
As an actor returning to the business after a long break she’s been a fantastic support. She works really hard on my behalf and we’ve got to know one another really well and as a result we have a great relationship both working and personal. She keeps me updated, communicates well and suggests training she feels would be beneficial. Conversely she is honest about workshops and training and my suitability for a role if she feels it’s not right or workable.
It’s hugely important to build a good relationship so you’re both looking in the right place for the right jobs. Having representation is a two way street and Victoria ticks all the boxes."

Joanne Randle (2021)

"Victoria is not just a fantastic agent, she is an amazing human being. I have been with her for 3 years and my acting career is where it is now because of her dedication, positivity and trust."

Robin March (2021)

"Victoria is an incredibly caring agent and very intuitive about what to submit me for. She gets me!"

Kelley Costigan (2021)

"Victoria is always approachable and encouraging towards her clients. Honest and supportive towards all actors on her books. Postive and encouraging. Striving for the best!"

Shannon Davidson (2020)

"Great agency, received regular request for self-tapes and also very approachable towards their clients!"

Christopher McDougall (2020)

"Absolute pleasure to be apart of Victoria's books! She strives for the best work for you, and gets the greatest work out of you!"

Matt Davis (2020)

"I have had the delight of working with Victoria for a few years now. Victoria has been incredibly supportive over the years with both my career and my changing restrictions due to family commitments. She is hugely enthusiastic about my career, pushing me forward and encouraging me to dream bigger. She has offered advice when needed and is always good to talk to on the phone. I feel both supported and inspired by her, she is a wonderful agent!"

Regina Vereker (2020)

"Victoria is an amazing agent she listen to you and understands what you want for the agencyv, when I first met Victoria I was pleased to hear she would set you goals for you to achieve, giving you tasks to do in your spare time. She introduced me to mixing networks, which I am so glad to have found them. She also understands you on a personal level aswell which I found really comforting. "

Eleanor Fitton (2020)

"Victoria is one of the most caring, dedicated, driven, positivity based woman I’ve ever met and it was a pleasure working with her and having her as my agent. She does what she can and when she can’t she pushes. Such a wonderful woman who only wants the best for her clients. "

George Owusu-Afriyie (2019)

"Victoria has been instrumental as my first agent laying a solid foundation for my career; full of advice and action plans, she is never shy of positive affirmation and support and feels like more than an agent, we have come to know each other as friends and I wish her, the agency and her clients all the best of success!"

Maria Hildebrand (2018)

"Anyone who is a part of TeamVS will vouch that Victoria is truly passionate about her work and completely invested in her actors. As well as actively seeking work for you, she has the ability to mentor and encourage. For myself, this created an atmosphere of growth which lead to us securing some amazing roles!"

Lauren Cato (2018)

"I have been with VS Casting for a year now and already learnt so much from Victoria. This agency not only has helped me land some amazing jobs but also given me knowledge and information regarding the industry that I hadn’t gained yet."

Ankit Giri (2018)

"I signed with Victoria only a few months ago and I'm already feeling a lot more positive about my career. For the first time in my career, I feel I'm not alone on the journey and that I have an agent who actually goes that extra mile to get me work. Victoria is great at maintaining a team spirit and at making you feel that you're working together for a common purpose, but above all she is brilliant at giving individual advice and attention to each and every one of her actors. Best agent I've ever had, hands down!"

Maria Alexe (2018)

Victoria Steven is a perfect mix of driven, friendly whilst also being a brilliant visionary . VS casting is like being part of a family who is all looking out for each other. Everyone is helping to bring the whole team up. -

Dale Wylde (2017)

"What an amazing agent and Agency , getting great auditions ( game of thrones ) and awesome jobs (huge solo Paypal gig) Always supportive and there whenever I need her"

John Micheal Foulger (2017)

"Extremely helpful and supportive!"

Adam Sherwood (2017)

"I have been with Victoria for 2 years now and can only be thankful for everything that she does for me! She is super lovely, and is also on call whenever you need her. Weekends included (but not encouraged lol). She has gotten me a lot of work and I feel I am going from strength to strength along with the business."

Nicole Katherine Riddell (2017)

"Victoria has been my agent now for almost a year and I have not only had several good jobs, but been paid for them in a very timely manner.. She is very passionate about her job and her clients and is always looking to do the very best she can for all..."

John Walker Gray (2017)

"Ultimate professional and extremely supportive and enthusiastic in pursuing our journey together. Would recommend 100%, love working with Victoria."

Maryfrances Jennow (2017)

"Victoria is very passionate and self driven."

Maria Lemba Soaras (2017)

"PASSIONATE, WILLING, BRILLIANT. An absolute wonderful Actor-Agent working relationship. No matter where you reside, Victoria always goes above and beyond to achieve greatness. She gets to know you extensively as a person and as a performer to make sure she can tailor each casting to suit you. She listens to what you are passionate about and always strives to progress. Thank you for the amazing, Inspiring journey"

Alfie Albert (2017)

"Victoria is positive, organised and driven. She gives you strength and believes in you and your ability. Excited to be working with her and look forward to building a great friendship and working relationship with a great person."

Gillian Foxx (2017)

"I have always felt truly taken care of; a friendly approach, hard work, dedication, total support, these are the key qualities of Victoria. I am proud to be represented by her."

Samuel Mattioli (2016)

"Victoria is absolutely amazing. Not only is she passionate about her work, but also about you as actor and an individual. She is extremely dedicated and supports you every step of the way. I look forward to us screaming in excitement on the phone after securing some more roles!"

Lauren Cato (2016)

"Victoria is the best agent I’ve ever had! She pushes me to go for parts that I wouldn’t have dreamt of going for and she is usually right in doing so! She also understands that I like to be really prepared for castings and supports me by getting every single piece of information about the job and requirements before I turn up to the auditions so that I can do the right prep work. I am always the most informed of all the other candidates in the casting waiting room!
The casting directors proactively tell me how lovely Victoria is to deal with.
I can’t wait to secure even more jobs together!"

Sophie Jugé (2016)

"Victoria is a fantastic Agent, who is committed to helping her actors achieve their best! From the first time I met Victoria she has worked hard to ensure I have had the opportunity to audition for roles and through her dedication I have booked my first professional jobs! I look forward to the future with Team VS!"

Layla Burns Child Actor (2016)

"Great personality, hard worker, passionate... Absolute GEM! "

Louis Jordan (2016)

"A wonderful agent who goes 'above and beyond' to look after her actors!" -

Eve Wengel Child Actor (2016)

"Victoria is energetic and enthusiastic. She has a firm understanding of the industry and works tirelessly to achieve her goals. She is empathetic and understanding which is why she is so easy to get along with. She has a bright and bubbly personality which makes it fun to be in her company. Victoria has very high standards and expects her crew to reflect that at all times. She is supportive and encouraging. She knows how to get the best out of people and does it with a smile."

George Carson (2016)

"All I can say is Victoria is a great agent who works very hard for her clients. After a fantastic 2015 I am hoping 2016 is even better".

Nolan Willis (2016)

"A fantastic,enthusiastic and charming lady, always fighting your corner and challenging you to be your best. An agent who seems to genuinely care for her actors".

Martin Haddow (2016)

“I have been with Victoria for around six months now and would definitely recommend to other actors. Victoria works with you to ensure that we approach the correct type of castings, not just roles that she believes you are suitable for, but roles that you want to do as well. Victoria maintains a high level of professionalism but is approachable, down to earth and offers worthwhile and invaluable advice from her many years of experience working in the industry.”

Chris Bain (2016)

"While I have only known Victoria for a short period of time, she is by far one of the most passionate and captivating people I have ever met. As an agent she is engaging and supportive with a true knowledge and love of the industry that gives me the confidence and willingness to put my career gladly in her more than capable hands. It has been my pleasure to work with Victoria so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us both."

Elanor Miller Actor (2016)

"In the short time I have worked with Victoria I have been greatly impressed with her commitment, drive and enthusiasm. I have been treated as an individual and I am very impressed with her support and attention to detail in putting me forward for relevant roles that are tailored towards my strengths. I am delighted to be on her books would recommend her as an acting agent without hesitation."

Andrew McGeachie (2016)

"I have worked with Victoria for the last year and I can honestly say it's been great. I've had the joy of working on several productions thanks to submissions from Victoria. As a person, she is an extremely enthusiastic and driven woman who works as best as she can to get your name and face out there for the right people to see. She has been great to work with and I look forward to what the future holds for us both. To Victoria, thank you for the journey so far :)"

Colin MacDougall (2016)

"I am so thankful for Victoria. She takes on board all of your goals and strives to make them come to fruition. She works tirelessly to find you the best castings and will never let you be taken for granted by anyone! She is loyal, determined and an overall lovely person who puts the needs of others before her own."

Rebecca Hanssen (2016)

" I first met Victoria on the set of a 15th century sword fighting epic. I was instantly struck by her energy, passion and professionalism. She was the casting director on that project and had literally dozens of principles, 2nds and extra's involved. I was happily surprised to see how hands on and involved she was in the entire process. Not once did she let her energy or the focus of her actors waver during the month long shoot. I signed up with her then and there, as her honesty, hard work and passion are infectious and encouraging. She is a first class enabler, she takes it upon herself to ensure all her clients are motivated, focused, and provided for during shooting.
Her effort, honest and hardworking approach to the industry is inspiring, and lead you as an actor to go that extra mile, because Victoria goes that extra mile for you."

Scott Ironside (2016)

"Victoria has always aimed to make her job of being an agent to get the best for her clients in a professional manner in whatever field of the entertainment business. It is a privilege to have her as my agent."

Bobby Robertson (2016)

"I am elated to be a part of Victoria's new venture of being a solo agent, she has years of experience in this field. Having joined her from Clann Wallace, I know Victoria to be a passionate, driven and dedicated professional, and a force to be reckoned with within the industry! Her 'quality over quantity' approach is made more abundant by the care and time she dedicates in getting to know her clients; she understands you as an individual performer, with your own skill and contribution to make within the industry - and she will utilize your talents to showcase the very best in you as an artist.
Your success as an actor depends not only on your skill, but on the people you choose to surround yourself with and can take support from; your success is as much theirs as it is yours. Acting is like no other chosen career...you never stop learning"

Kerry Browne (2015)

"Victoria guided me through a series of new challenges during preparation for a feature film role. Tackling a new skill hand in hand allowed me to give a performance way beyond my expectations. Her dedication to you is outstanding, going beyond a standard agent by truly getting to know who she represents, what drives and built your passion. Victoria has professionalism in bundles, the bubbly attitude which pulls you out of a tired clump and the knowledge to push you forward the best way possible utilizing all your strengths as an individual. You are not on the books as just a name and a photo, Victoria is extremely talented at helping create a fresh and highly sought after artist."

Mark Paul Wake (2015)

"I never found Victoria she found me. This was the start of an amazing working relationship. She has been my constant support in this crazy world of acting and films! She not only finds you work but also to make sure that it went well and that you enjoyed it. Victoria also tailors each person’s castings to suit their strengths and weaknesses and discusses in great detail where you want to go with your acting."

Annalucia O'Ryan (2015)

"Victoria is someone with such rare people skills and unique ability to not only spot good talent, but her personal management skills and dedication to personally develop latent talent is absolutely amazing and second to none that I have ever seen..... her own natural and gifted talents and ferocious desire to make her clients with the same self-determination succeed, has only brought that moment now rather than later."

Seoras Wallace Fight Director (2015)