Christina Appana stars and writes new play “This is Not Medea” heading to Hope Theatre London

Delighted to announce #TeamVS Christina Appana has written and will star in the stage play of “This is Not Medea” which will be heading to Hope Theatre London.

Dates: 2nd & 3rd July 2023

Link :

What happens when a walking Greek tragedy arrives in Brexit Britain?

‘I am an actress. Moved to the UK about 4 years ago with my boyfriend who’s also an actor. But the play we were supposed to do got postponed due to the pandemic so to make ends meet… I got stuck between art and responsibilities.’

You know about Medea? She’s the one who killed her children. This is Not Medea is a dark comedy written by an immigrant from the EU with a few stories to share about life in Britain today: passports, pints, artists, lockdowns, lack of toilet paper and … murder.