Alexandra Ricou Cast in the play Agathe starring as Carrie

Alexandra Ricou has been cast as Carrie in the play Agathe directed by Mukul Ahmed and produced by Sohaya Visions, Mukul and Ghetto Tigers. Absolutely delighted to be part of the cast.

~ In the spring of 1994, a plane crash takes the life of an African president and ignites a killing spree that the world later recognises as the Rwandan genocide.

The person who was next in line for the country’s presidency – and who was, in fact, the country’s head of state for less than a day – Agathe Unwilingiyimana, a university professor and an advocate for women and girls eduction. A beacon for our times, her silenced story and brave spirit is captured in the riveting play.

This R&D performance will be at 7:30pm 22nd April 2023, Pinter Studio, Arts One, Queen Mary University London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS ~