Katherine McDermott is this years 2022 RESIDENCY ARTISTS @ Sheffield Theatre

The 2022 Residencies are underway at The Bank and Sheffield Theatre are supporting five exciting artists in the development which includes our very own actor Katherine McDermott. Katherine’s play is called She’s Made of Scales.


”SHE’S MADE OF SCALES is a fantasy play about a living with chronic pain and what happens when you live with a monster inside you that just doesn’t want to go away, this piece is combines fantasy and movement where Katherine will be working with a broad team of people including Imogen Knight. This project is part of Katherine’s ACE Funded ‘Pain Pulse’ project which received DYCP funding in 2021.”

This is an exciting time as Katherine enjoys creating her own work. Katherine is part of DANC and her passion is being an actress and writer.

The Bank opened in November 2019 as Sheffield Theatres’ creative hub dedicated to talent development and sits beside the Crucible in Sheffield.