Marlon Roberts stars asa Reggie in the new BBC Radio Extra My Never Days

Marlon Roberts stars as Reggie, who is a relaxed guy in his early twenties who is street smart but with a kind voice. Although he looks tough, he is a loving brother who takes a shine to Arthur, a little kitten who is found amongst a flashflood.
Taking Arthur back to his little sister, could this work out to be his forever home. A brilliant story written by Philippa Carew. – Writer, musician and broadcaster Paul Dodgson presents fresh storytelling from first time writers and producers as part of BBC Introducing Arts supported by BBC Arts and Arts Council England.

My Never Days by Joanna Maxwell and Ade Slack. Working in a supermarket might sound like it’s all stacking shelves, checkout beeps and customer queries, but there’s more to Tom than a name badge and a corporate uniform. Caught in middle of his parent’s break-up, he navigates his way through early adulthood. Starring Bronte Alice-Tadman, Fiona Bruce, Joshua Ellershaw, Matt Jamie and Oliver Westlake. Sound design by David Thomas. Executive producer Alison Vernon-Smith. A Pier Production for Screen South.

Arthur is written and directed by Phillipa Carew. Arthur is a kitten and the runt of the litter. He is abandoned by his family and swept away to the city where he embarks on a search for a loving home. Starring Claudia Adlam, Nisha Anil, Chris Beaumont, Shak Benjamin, Nina Kristofferson and Marlon Roberts. The sound designer is Lou Brown, the composer Matthew Williams, and the producers Abhi Arumbakkam and Amanda Dorsett. A Resource Production for Screen South.

Presented and produced by Paul Dodgson for BBC Radio 4 Extra.