Shreya Patel stars in this years Night Shift Play by Zoo Co

Shreya M Patel stars as a lone Busker in this years Night Shift Play set in and Around Croydon. We are delighted to be working on this play by Zoo Co.

NIGHT SHIFT: at the Stanley Arts

While you sleep, millions of people are working. This is their story.

Unfolding over a single night shift, an unlikely group of night workers, who have more in common than they realise, are embroiled in a life-changing series of events. What follows is an epic tale of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, as an ordinary evening turns into an extraordinary night.

Just one year after taking the Barbican by storm with multi-award winning Perfect Show for Rachel, Croydon-based Zoo Co presents this bold and visually stunning new show.

Written by celebrated playwright Paula B. Stanic, this gripping new play is performed using an innovative combination of spoken English, BSL, visual vernacular and creative captioning – giving a unique and startling window into the often overlooked lives of night workers.

Featuring Zoo Co’s signature blend of ensemble movement, projection, sound and light, Night Shift is an unmissable theatre experience that will leave you wondering why the people and things we overlook are often those we rely on the most.

Directed by Duffy and Flo O’Mahony, the scenes take place in or around Croydon, and come in disparate snatches at first. There is a gleeful children’s sleep-over, a lone busker (Shreya M Patel), a doctor (Ace Mahbaz) performing emergency surgery and grinding overwork in a Purley parcel warehouse.