Ben Dillaway

Playing age: 18 to 26 years

Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170.2cm)

Nationalities: British

Appearance: White

Eye colour: Hazel

Actors biography:

Ben Dillaway was born and raised in London and is now living in Scotland. Classically trained by his acting teacher, Andrea Gillie, he’s played roles from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller. Through his training and his own time, he has studied and continues to study, acting and the history of cinema including the teachings of Stanivslavski and Stella Adler. He takes great pride in his work as a character actor and aims to have a versatile career.

Some of projects Ben has been involved in over the last few years include: working on the short film, THROW IN THE TOWEL, in which he played a son who’s ambition is to follow in his father’s footsteps, working on the short series, TAKEOVER, which gave him the opportunity to play two twin brothers with completely different personalities, also working on the play, TALES OF ST LEONARDS, in which he played a bank robber who refused to be bound by the rules of society.

In 2021, Ben received an award at the South Coast Film Festival for his short film ‘Silhouette’.

Ben spent a year in Spain when he was 8 years old. He is not fluent in Spanish but can pick up Spanish dialogue fairly quickly and has a good accent when speaking it. He try’s to be as active as he can be and can play most sports convincingly.

A lover of life, he enjoys walking his dogs, spending time with friends and family, watching great movies and reading. His main aim is to make people feel something, maybe change their perspective, make them walk out the cinema different from when they came in. Ready to act, Ben is eagerly looking forward to seeing what the future holds

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Name: Victoria Steven - Talent Agent