Christian Tawfick

Playing age: 18 - 30

Height: 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)

Nationalities: British, Egyptian

Memberships: Equity

Appearance: Mediterranean, Mixed Race, Middle Eastern

Eye colour: Brown

Actors biography:

Christian Tawfick is a 29-year-old Egyptian/British Actor born in the south of England. Although having early success in business and sales when he was 19, Christian always had the hunger to be an Actor after growing up watching Sean Connery playing James Bond. After landing a few small roles, it was time for Christian to attend drama school to further his development as an actor and he Graduated with a 1st Class Honours degree in Acting from The MGA Academy Of Performing Arts in 2022.

Christian has been boxing since he was 10 and he got to use this skill to be the fight choreographer in his final production at drama school ‘the sweet science of bruising’, directed by Molly Innes. Growing up, Christian has been subject to racism with his mixed background, and he is keen to use that as fuel in an industry where this uniqueness is desired for him to play a number of different ethnicities. With a keen interest and skill in boxing, he wants to jump into the action genre of the industry and inspire young and upcoming actors the same way he was inspired as a young boy.

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Agent details:

Name: Victoria Steven - Talent Agent