CJ Parmar

Playing age: 34 to 45 years

Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172cm)

Nationalities: British

Appearance: Asian

Eye colour: Brown

Actors biography:

CJ was born in Liverpool, Merseyside. He has familial connections within Outer London and Midlands areas. He currently resides in the Brighton & Hove Area. CJ has been acting professionally for 8 years and has had success with Speaking Roles in TV Commercials, Theatrical plays, Short Films and Corporate Drama Videos. Lately CJ has been focussing on his Screen Acting craft and is making inroads in this area by securing numerous auditions for TV/Feature Film roles, building connections with TV/Feature Film Directors and Casting Directors. CJ is a frequent participant in Screen Acting Workshops which run in Outer & Central London areas.

CJ has been praised by industry professionals for his wide acting range. CJ has proficiency in portraying characters, which are Dark, Emotive & Comedic in nature. CJ has frequently been informed that he has look and appearance that can carry across a number of nationalities, including; Indian, Pakistani, Persian, Brazilian, Middle Eastern & South American.

In terms of other skills, CJ has proficiency in Presenting (Particularly Scientific themes), working with Green Screen, Athletics-Sprinting and basic Stage Combat. CJ practised Sama Karate for over 10 years and still retains an interest in the Martial Art. CJ also enjoys football and regularly plays in games with friends. Having been born in Liverpool, CJ is a keen Liverpool FC supporter and frequently attends matches at Anfield Stadium.’

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Agent details:

Name: Victoria Steven - Talent Agent

Email: victoria@victoriasteven.co.uk