Darrel Draper

Playing age: 28 to 35 years

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Nationalities: British

Appearance: White

Eye colour: Hazel

Actors biography:

Darrel is a neurodivergent working-class East-London actor. He was born and raised in Romford, an area within the lower third of arts and cultural engagement in the country. Despite this, Darrel has managed to gain much experience and credits within the realms of Theatre, independent/short film, radio, online content, commercials, and the corporate/e-learning sector. Darrel now has his sights firmly set on breaking into the world of television and more mainstream media/film…..

Darrel prides himself on his versatility and being a character actor. However, has a particular passion for playing antagonistic roles, both within the genres of Comedy and Drama.

“Darrel Draper’s performance as Joe, is a standout. Joe is the story’s antagonist and lacks the humanity of the other characters, but Draper is consistently convincing with a strong stage presence” – Anna Robinson, Everything Theatre.

Darrel possesses strong improvisational skills and the ability to act upon direction with assured and natural instinct. Having been formally trained as a theatre arts and performance teacher/tutor (PGCE), Darrel has a rich understanding of technique, text and what drives character.

He is extremely driven and dedicated to achieving his career aspirations. More than anything, Darrel just looks forward to bringing to life dynamic and interesting characters, no matter the platform.

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Agent details:

Name: Victoria Steven - Talent Agent

Email: victoria@victoriasteven.co.uk