Neil Skye Mackay

Playing age: 30 to 40 years

Height: 5 feet 7 inches (170cm)

Nationalities: British

Memberships: Equity

Appearance: White

Eye colour: Green

Actors biography:

Neil Skye Mackay is a Scottish actor who graduated from QMUC in 2004 and has since focused his career on acting for screen having been credited in feature films (Brothers of the Head’, Bafta award winning ‘Night People’) television (as Ian Brady in ‘Ian Brady: The Right to Die’, BBC, STV, National Geographic),  short films (some of which award winning and award nominated) as well as image and motion capture for computer games.
He is a great believer in the power of art to transform, highlight and enlighten as well as its wonderful effect of bringing people escapism, catharsis and joy. Neil worked as a youth theatre practitioner for seven years and is an advocate of the benefits and importance of giving young people access to the arts.
A deep thinker with a dry sense of humour he has a strong and natural presence on screen.
He has a good ear for accents, being able to deliver many British regional accents, and loves playing with voices inspired by a diet of Python, Steve Cogan, Chris Morris, and Reeves and Mortimer. Neil has also been working on his General American accent and took part in a three week ‘Boot Camp’ with revered dialect coach Rebecca Gausnell. His next step is compiling a voice reel as he is keen to explore voice work and would love the opportunity to provide voice for computer games and animation.
He enjoys being challenged and realishes the opportunity to continue to expand his range and is comfortable portraying a wide range of characters. He has been previously cast as characters with complexity and deep inner lives from anti-heros to antagonists.
After living in London for twelve years, which provided a great opportunity to grow, learn and face new challenges, Neil has relocated back to Edinburgh and is looking forward to all the potential opportunities and collaborations that being based in Scotland again can bring.
Filled with optism and a hunger to excelarate his career he hopes to be cast in further film and television projects assisting in helping realise the creative vision of directors, writers and producers. Above all he is happiest having a script to work on, being part of the creative process and enjoying all the opportunities that new experiences and collaborations bring. Always excited for what the future may bring; always ready for the next challenge.

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Name: Victoria Steven - Talent Agent