Shane Harper

Playing age: 21- 31

Nationalities: British

Appearance: White

Eye colour: Brown

Actors biography:

Currently residing in Manchester after just returning from a fantastic tour in Germany which has spanned just over 2 years with White Horse Theatre.

I have spent my free time mostly looking for the next faraway place to travel to, be that here or in script work, books and music.
I am a massive tech head who dabbles in all things electronic when I am not performing, either that or polishing off my own horror play which has been in the making for 4 years which I hope to put on this autumn in London.
If there is a project or character that borders on the line of whimsical and fantastical, you can be sure to find me there. I have grown up watching Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Torro.
My Typecast usually flips from – aristocratic type period characters to ‘pretty boy’ artsy ones. Dangerously charming villains, the insane.
Dream roles include tv/film – Netflix Sandman, Netflix Wednesday, Bridgerton, Sex education, Vikings, Love Death and robots (animation), Mocap for games and animation

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Agent details:

Name: Victoria Steven - Talent Agent