Shreya M Patel

Playing age: 22-28

Height: 5'5

Nationalities: British

Memberships: Equity

Appearance: Asian, Indian, Pakistani

Eye colour: Dark Brown

Actors biography:

Shreya M Patel is a multi-disciplinary actor based in Hertfordshire. She uses her lived experience as a disabled, queer, South Asian woman to inform her practice and particularly enjoys performing in comedic roles. She started her career in Leeds, where she trained with acting coach Matt Zina in The Yorkshire School of Acting (now Matt Zina Acting) and has strong ties with the Yorkshire creative scene. Since starting her practice predominantly with theatre, she has now branched out into TV and film, which better reflects her training.”

Deaf or hard of hearing, Physical or mobility impairment, Other, Neurodiverse, Chronic migraine, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Auditory Processing Disorder

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Agent details:

Name: Victoria Steven - Talent Agent